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Navigating the Invisible Threat: How to Ensure Workplace Safety During Asbestos Awareness Week

Your Guide to Asbestos Safety

Asbestos, once considered to be a miracle material, is now known as one of the greatest workplace hazards, claiming thousands of lives each year. In fact, according to the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) UK, asbestos remains the largest industrial killer, responsible for over 5000 deaths annually. Understanding its history, risks, and how to stay compliant with regulations is crucial for safeguarding health and wellbeing in the workplace. At ACS, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to help organisations navigate the complexities of asbestos management while ensuring safety and compliance every step of the way.

The History of Asbestos

Asbestos consists of microscopic fibres and presents a substantial hazard to individuals when disturbed during activities like drilling, renovation, or demolition. Asbestos has a long and storied history. Its durability and heat-resistant properties made it a popular choice for various applications, from construction materials to automotive parts. However, the discovery of its harmful effects on human health led to widespread bans and regulations in the late 20th century. Despite these measures, asbestos remains a significant concern in buildings and industrial settings constructed before 2000, requiring vigilant management and control.

Awareness of asbestos is crucial due to its pervasive use in construction materials and the severe health risks associated with exposure. Understanding where asbestos may be present and how to handle it safely is essential for workers in industries like construction, renovation, maintenance, and property management. Proper awareness and training can mitigate the risk of accidental exposure, safeguarding both workers and the general public from its harmful effects.

The History of ACS

Founded in 1978, ACS has been a leading asbestos consultancy in the UK for over 45 years.

ACS operates on a worldwide platform providing high quality risk consultancy. Over the past 4 decades we have remained at the forefront of asbestos risk management, working throughout the UK and across the globe to raise standards, manage risk, and save lives.

Our longstanding experience and dedication have positioned us as leaders in the asbestos industry, aiming not just to mitigate harm but to prevent it.

How can ACS help you to stay compliant and protect your staff?

Compliance with asbestos regulations is paramount to protecting workers and the public from exposure to this hazardous material. Here at ACS, we offer a range of services designed to help organisations stay compliant at every stage of asbestos management.

  1. Air Testing: Our UKAS accredited air testing services ensure that asbestos levels are monitored and controlled, minimising the risk of exposure.

  2. Management Surveys: ACS conducts comprehensive management surveys to identify and assess asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in buildings, providing essential data for effective management plans.

  3. Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys: Prior to refurbishment or demolition projects, ACS conducts thorough surveys to locate and assess ACMs, ensuring safe and compliant work practices.

  4. Asbestos Expert Witness: Leveraging ACS CEO Professor Roger Willey's extensive experience and expertise as an asbestos expert witness, participating in over 800 court cases, ACS provides asbestos expert witness services, offering invaluable insights and support in legal proceedings related to asbestos-related cases.

  5. Employee and Public Relations: We prioritise effective communication and positive relationships with both employees and the public, ensuring transparency, trust, and mutual understanding in all aspects of asbestos management and workplace safety.

Find out more about our Asbestos services here or see our Asbestos Brochure here.

ACS Training Courses

  1. UKATA Approved Training Courses: ACS offers UKATA approved training courses tailored to different levels of asbestos awareness and management, equipping workers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills to work safely.

  2. Bespoke ACS Courses: In addition to standard training, ACS provides bespoke courses tailored to the needs of your organisation, addressing unique challenges and requirements.

Find out more about our UKATA & ACS Bespoke Asbestos Training Courses here.

Contact us

Asbestos awareness and compliance are critical aspects of workplace safety, and we are here to support organisations in navigating these challenges effectively. With our comprehensive range of services, including air testing, surveys, and training courses, we guide organisations to manage asbestos safely and compliantly, protecting the health and wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Get in touch with us today 0141 427 5171 or via email at to ensure a safer workplace environment during the Asbestos Awareness Week for you and your organisation.

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